L.A. Car Show

Los Angeles, California just may be the land of the automobile, but Silicon Valley’s significant efforts to reignite the auto industry with ridesharing, electric motors, as well as autonomous cars are now starting to infiltrate much of Southern California.

This change in focus had even killed the very long-running L.A.  Auto Show’s press days when journalists used to get a preview of what is supposed to coming to the showroom floor.

Despite this rebranding, speakers from Intel, along with venture capital firms, and even Hyperloop One, there is still a lot of metal to drool over on the showroom floor, which was, in fact, open to the public until the end of November. Did you miss it?

Alfa Romeo, as well as Jaguar, have shown off their all-new, luxury SUVs. Porsche as well as Mazda brought out their race cars. Aston Martin also added a lot of boost to their Vanquish. Chrysler has now made their minivan fresh and electric. McLaren has announced that it is actively reviving the spirit of the great F1 with a new product it is calling the BP23.

Now if you can’t make this year’s  car show or you just want to know what you should really be on the lookout for, take a ride through this gallery of vehicles below to see the latest and greatest the greatest that automobile industry has to offer.

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